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The photos do not do it justice, but this little see- through card is definitely striking! With our Crystal Clear Inkjet Film (inkjet transparencies are not usually this clear) you can make a real statement with this invitation! No one will want to miss this celebration! We used our Inkjet Embossing paper for the four paper pieces on which the text is printed, sprinkled them with a glittered embossing powder as soon as they came out of the printer; hit them with a heat gun, and Voila! We even embossed the raindrops printed on the clear film. Simply print on the smooth side – the side you would NOT normally print on with an inkjet. This allows the ink to stay wetter longer so you have time to sprinkle the embossing powder on before it dries. Use small designs for the film itself so you will not have to heat it too long. This will prevent any warping of the film. Use glittered or metallic embossing powders or print the colors with your printer and use our clear or glow in the dark powders! We even made a few with our Alps printer using the metallic cartridges. They work great on this film too! You don’t have to emboss – even non-dimensional designs will look stunning on this card


Crystal Clear Inkjet Film

Inkjet Embossing Paper or any type of card stock

Scissors or Paper trimmer

Glue stick, glue pen or double stick tape

Quarter fold invitation envelope

Embossing Powder (optional)

Heat gun (optional)


1) Open a blank notecard project in your graphics program. You will want the type of card that prints two to a sheet. Place a rectangle in the middle of the card front that measures 3” wide by 2 ¼” high. (If you are making the card in portrait orientation rather than the landscape design as in our photo, then rotate the rectangle so it is 3” high and 2 ¼” wide.) This rectangle will be the size of your card stock piece. You will be removing it before you print.

2) Design the clear part of the card around the rectangle. (See our raindrop design in the photo.) Print a test sheet on plain paper and check your layout. If you are satisfied with the design, remove the rectangle from the card front and print on the clear film.

NOTE: If you are going to emboss the film, make certain you place it in your printer so that the smooth side of the sheet is printed. If you are not going to emboss, print on the rough side and skip steps 3 and 4.

3) As soon as the sheet comes out of your printer, sprinkle on the embossing powder. Be careful not to touch the ink as you remove the sheet since it will smear!

4) Use your heat gun to melt the embossing powder. Do not hold the gun too close to the film to avoid the possibility of warping. Cut the sheet into two cards and fold each card in half.

5) Open a blank full page in your graphics program and draw a rectangle 3” wide by 2 ¼ ” high with a border in whatever width you like. Copy and paste this rectangle three times so that you have four on the page.

NOTE: You can change the size of the text rectangle depending upon your design. We found this size worked the best for the raindrop design on our card front.

6) Place your design and text inside the four rectangles. The first rectangle will go on the front of the card. The second will be placed right on top of that on the inside of the card. The third will have the information about the party and the back piece can have whatever you like. Although you do not see it in the photo, ours says “Made especially for you by The Crafty PC.”

7) Print a test sheet on plain paper and cut out one of the rectangles to make certain it will fit within your design on the front of the card. Once you are satisfied with the rectangles, group all four and copy and paste so that you have two sets of each on your sheet – one set for each card printed on the film. Print them on inkjet embossing paper and sprinkle the powder on as soon as the sheet comes out of the printer, or if you are not embossing, print on whatever type of stock you choose.

8) If you are using embossing powder, melt the powder with your heat gun before you cut out the rectangles.

9) Cut out all rectangles.

10) Glue the first one to the front of the card. Open the card and place the second rectangle so that it is lined up against the back of the rectangle on the front of the card. Glue in place.

11) Place the third rectangle FACE DOWN on top of the second rectangle. Make sure it is lined up correctly, apply glue and fold the card closed, pressing the film on to the rectangle. This will insure that it stays lined up.

12) Glue the fourth rectangle on the rear of the card in the same manner as the second rectangle. All four rectangles should be lined up when the card is closed. Do the same for the second card.

That’s all there is to it...a truly spectacular invitation that can be altered in many ways! Make it into a half size card. Do postcards with only one rectangle on the front and one on the back. Go wild and have fun!


Transparent Invitation Instructions

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