Purse Favor Bag

Here's an adorable design for a favor bag or a gift bag - depending on how large you make it! Perfect for a wedding with the names of the Bride and Groom and trimmed in tiny white pearls, or a birthday gift bag with the recipient's name and a small fabric rose embellishment. They can be made with the inside colored or left white, or even with the design that matches the outside of the bag. The possibilities are endless! Just use the templates we have provided below!


White or Colored cardstock (we used an 80lb. stock for these bags)


Craft knife

Cutting Mat

Glue Stick





1) Download the template below for the front and back of the bag. Simply click on the link and when the image shows up, right click and select “Save picture As...”. Make sure you pay attention to where you save the template!

2) Open a blank page in your graphics program in either portrait or landscape orientation, depending on how large you wish to make the bag. You will be printing three pages – two of the front/back template and one for the bottom and sides of the bag.

3) Center the bag template on your page. Make a rectangle that extends beyond the side of the bag and slightly below the dotted score line at the bottom (see below.) Do the same for the handle of the bag. You may also choose to use a clipart background.

4) Layer the favor bag template so it is on top of the coloring/clipart. Add an inverted triangle for the “flap” on the front of the bag and fill with whatever color or design you prefer. Add text or photos to this flap if desired. Make sure the triangle goes from one edge of the bag to the other and that the top of the triangle is placed right at the bottom of the “handle”. Print one copy on cardstock.

5) Remove the triangle for the back of the bag and print another copy on another piece of cardstock. Cut out both the front and the back pieces INSIDE the outline so it doesn't show on your finished piece. Use your craft knife to cut out the space in the handles on the OUTSIDE of the outline.

6) If you wish to have the inside of the bag colored as well, draw a rectangle that will cover the entire bag template and center on the page. Fill with whatever design or color you desire. Print the rectangle on the back sides of the cardstock on which you printed the bag front and back.

7) On another blank page in landscape orientation draw a rectangle from one end of the page to the other and fill with your desired design or color. Here’s where the measuring comes in...measure the length of the bottom flap on the bag front or back. Now measure from the dotted score line at an outer edge of the bag front to the point on the bag front or back where it begins to curve back in towards the handle. Double this measurement and add to the measurement you took for the length of the bag bottom flap. For example, if the bottom flap of your bag front measures 4 inches and the height of your bag side will be 2.5 inches, then the total length of the bag bottom template should be 4 + 2.5 + 2.5 or 9 inches total (see below).

8) Now measure the depth of the flap on the bottom of the bag front. The width of the bottom/side template should match this width plus 1 inch for the flaps that will be glued to the inside of the bag (see diagram below).

9) If you want the bottom and sides to be colored on the inside as well as the outside then print the rectangle on both sides of another piece of cardstock.

10) With a pencil marks all the measurements as shown in the bag bottom diagram shown below. Score on the dotted lines and cut on the solid lines. Fold the flaps in.

11) On the score lines on the bag front and back fold the flaps in. With a glue stick or any craft glue, glue the top of one flap and attach the second flap right on top of it. You will now have the front and back of the bag together with a base to which you will attach the bottom/side rectangle.

12) Glue the middle section of the bottom/side piece and each of the four flaps. Open the bag front and back and lay it out flat with the inside facing up. Glue the bottom/side piece to the bottom of the bag front and back. Press firmly.

13) Attach the flaps one side at a time and press firmly. The bag is now assembled!

NOTE: If you wish to add a rose embellishment, punch a small hole near the tip of the triangle on the front of the bag, cut the stem off a ribbon rose and apply some craft glue. Stick it through the hole and hold in place for a few seconds to allow the glue to set. To apply a strand of craft pearls, use a glue gun and apply the pearls around the triangle BEFORE to put the bag together!

14) Once the bag is finished, place your fingers against the bag sides and press the front and back of the back together to make a valley fold on the sides that will extend about 2/3 of the way down the sides.

You can also use some beautiful scrapbooking papers. If they are not heavy enough for the bag, print the bag template on the scrapbooking paper and use some spray adhesive to attach the scrapbooking paper to the cardstock before you cut out the bag.


Purse Favor Bag Template

Purse Favor Bag Instructions

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