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If you're like us, you always have at least one or two people on your Holiday shopping list who are difficult to buy for! What do you give to the person who seems to have everything? A gift certificate! The gift certificates given by most stores these days resemble credit cards more than a certificate and usually, but not always, come with a little folder to place the card in. Well, even if they do come with the folder, why not make your own? It's an easy project and will mean so much more to the gift card recipient with your very own personalization! Our quarter fold greeting card stock is perfect for this project since all the scoring has already been done for you (see PRODUCTS> Greeting Cards). And you only print on one side. All you have to do after you design it is cut off the white unprinted margins, make a little slit for the gift card, glue it, fold it, and voila! Instant personalized gift card holder! See the bottom of this project page for the layout for our card holder.


Quarter fold card stock (or any other heavy weight card stock)

Craft knife

Scissors or paper trimmer

Cutting mat or heavy piece of cardboard

Glue stick


1) Open a blank page in your graphics program in landscape orientation. Place a guideline from top to bottom and center it horizontally. Place another guideline from side to side and center it vertically. (These lines will not print. They are just to help you line up your clipart and text. If your software does not enable you to place unprintable guidelines, then simply draw these straight lines on your screen and remove them before printing.)

2) Place your clipart on the page and resize it so that it fits in one of the quadrants on the page. You can duplicate it and place the same design in every section, or make different designs for each section. That's up to you! Just make sure that the orientation is correct so that it doesn't appear upside down or backwards when you fold it. (See our layout graphic on the bottom of this project page.)

3) Place your text where you want it. Text for the front of the card holder will be placed in the upper left quadrant and must be oriented so that it is upside down and backwards on your screen. Text for the inside goes in the lower quadrants. No reorientation is necessary. Just make sure you have your spacing lined up according to your guidelines.

4) Place a horizontal line 3.5" long on the lower right quadrant and center it horizontally in that quadrant. Also move it up or down so that it is about one-third the way up from the bottom of the clipart. This is the line you will cut to slip the gift card through.

5) Print a test page on plain paper. If everything lines up correctly, print out on your quarter fold card stock.

6) It is advisable to fold your gift card holder before you trim away any unprintable white margins. This will ensure a cleaner edge when you do trim it down.

7) Once you have the edges trimmed, unfold the card holder and lay it flat, printed side up, on a cutting mat or heavy piece of cardboard. With your craft knife, cut the slit that will hold the gift card.

8) Turn the card holder over and spread your glue stick around all the edges. Be careful not to place too wide a glue strip underneath the slit or you won't be able to slip the gift card in. Also place some glue in the centers of the three quadrants that do not have the slit.

9) Fold the card in half lengthwise and press to adhere the glue. Slip your gift card into the slit, fold closed and you're done!


Gift Card Holder Instructions

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