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NOTE:Unless otherwise specified, every paper we sell measures 8 1/2" X 11".

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Window Posters


Finally posters that adhere to the inside of your window! A thin strip of adhesive around all 4 edges of these letter sized sheets enables you to simply peel off the protective strip after printing and adhere the finished poster to the inside of your window so your design shows through from the outside and is protected from the elements. Great idea for "For Sale" signs for your car, holiday decorations, all kinds of crafty ideas! Compatible with both inkjet and laser printers. Printable area is 10" X 7 1/2". You get 10 sheets to a pack.
Inkjet Embossing Paper (10/pk)


Love rubber stamping and embossing but also like to make your crafts with your computer? Well, now the two worlds are one! With this Inkjet Embossing Paper you simply print your design, remove the sheet from the printer, sprinkle on your embossing powder (see Embossing Powders ), tap off any excess and apply heat with a heating tool or other safe heat source. The powder adheres to the special coating on this paper and the results are truly spectacular! You can get full color embossing by printing with any colors and applying a clear transparent embossing powder. Make greeting cards, business cards, anything that you can make with embossing powder can be done on this paper! Each pack comes with 10 sheets of 8 1/2" X 11" DOUBLE-SIDED semi-gloss inkjet embossing paper and and full instructions.
Painter's Canvas (5/pk)

Print low or high resolution images on these unique, cotton blend canvas 8-1/2" x 11" sheets. This is the same canvas used by artists for painting with oils. The only difference is that it is specially coated so that it is receptive to inks used in color ink jet printers. Comes 5 sheets to a pack.
Silver Reflective Film (5/pk)

IT'S BACK!!! A silver mirror finish on an inkjet paper! Yes, this 8 1/2" X 11" paper actually has a mirror finish on both sides and is treated on one side for use in inkjet printers. Great for printing photos for a special effect or for use in any computer craft. How about a mirrored finish on a greeting card or invitation? Also great for printing spectacular signs and flyers!
Bumper Sticker Paper (5/pk)

Now you can print bumper stickers on your inkjet printer! This peel and stick white vinyl paper has a matte finish that is specially coated for inkjet use. Each 8 1/2" X 11" page is large enough to make two or three bumper stickers or multiple window decorations. Instructions included.
Glossy Brochure/Flyer Paper (10/pk)

NEW! Brighter, glossier, heavier weight and works in both inkjets and lasers! This glossy paper is two sided and a lighter weight than photo paper. Perfect for our Accordion Photo Card Project but also great for flyers, signs and whatever else you can think of! Each pack has 10 8 1/2" X 11" sheets.
Grafix Inkjet Shrink (5/pk)

Use your inkjet printer to create all kinds of fun and unique designs that will take Shrink Art to a whole new level. Great for photos, fonts, clip art, pop culture designs and anything else that you can find on a computer you can put on Grafix Inkjet Shrink Film. Printable on both sides. Then just cut out the image, bake and shrink! In minutes you have a smaller, thicker piece with rich color and texture. Be aware that sheets may not shrink proportionately, so be sure to make allowances in the size of your design. Available in clear and white, 5 letter size sheets per package.

NOTE: Grafix calls it "clear" but it is actually translucent.
Backlight Film (5/pk)

Print on the matte side of these translucent white sheets and watch your images come alive when lit from behind! Print high resolution photos and graphics using any color inkjet printer! 8-1/2 x 11 sheets... use in night lights, light boxes, back lit shadow boxes and much more! See our Wedding Lights project for another great idea for this film!
Crystal Clear Plastic Inkjet Film (10/pk)

The perfect plastic film for making transparent greeting cards, invitations, shadow boxes, shaker cards, even envelopes! Clearer than most inkjet transparency sheets, you can print on the rougher side to avoid any smearing, but if you print on the smooth side the ink ill remain wet longer and you can sprinkle on some embossing powder! Small designs embossed on this paper come out beautifully! Each packs holds 10 letter size (8 1/2" X 11") sheets.
Water-resistant glossy adhesive-backed (5/pk)

This Water-resistant glossy photograde paper has an adhesive backing that makes it the ideal paper for bumper stickers, signs, or labels.
Clear Inkjet Window Cling (5/pk)

These heavy-duty 8 1/2" X 11" clear window cling decals have a low tack adhesive on them so they will stay where you put them! Print your design in reverse as you would for a t-shirt transfer and peel the backing off to apply the decal to the inside of your window.
Glossy White Inkjet Window Cling (5/pk)

No more two steps to make white window clings! This glossy low tack adhesive cling will make your printed images and text jump off the page! NOTE: This window cling is not waterproof so if you will be using your clings outdoors you should seal them with Preserve Your Memories II spray which also provides UV protection. 8 1/2" X 11" sheets. 5 sheets per pack.
Velour Cardstock (10/pk)

Similar to our Fuzzy Paper, this white velvet textured paper is a heavyweight stock perfect for making truly special greeting cards or for scrapbooking. Printer output is spectacular! Each pack has 10 8 1/2" X 11" sheets.
Velour Adhesive-Backed Paper (5/pk)

Truly perfect for scrapbooking and greeting cards and just about any craft you can think of! Even great formaking "fuzzy" characters to attach to your child's walls! Decorate lampshades, gift boxes, anything you can stick a decal on can accept this wonderful velvet textured paper! These white 8 1/2" X 11" sheets come 5 to a pack.
Hygloss Inkjet Vellum (10/pk)

A famous maker of craft supplies and specialty papers, Hygloss now brings you a wonderful selection of vellums specially treated for use in both inkjet and laser printers in various colors. Great for making professional looking invitations, announcements and even envelopes. Ten sheets to a pack in Clear, Gold, Silver, Metallic Speckle, Iridescent Speckle, and a wonderful, bright Pink.
Holographic Inkjet Paper

THE BRIGHT FINISH HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED This holographic paper is specially coated for use in a inkjet printer. Perfect for flashy signs or even for use on greeting cards or scrapbook pages. The finish on this holographic paper resembles ice crystals formed on a pane of glass. A truly spectacular finish! You can go CRAZY with this stuff! 5 sheets to a pack. Each measures 8 1/2" X 11".


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