Envelopes - Flap Printing

Similar to the full bleed printing on the front of the envelope, this little trick will allow you to print a design on the flap of your envelope that will coordinate with your card or stationery.

First, measure the depth of your flap (from top to bottom or the point on the flap if there is one). Open a blank page in your graphics program in portrait orientation and draw a rectangle that stretches all the way from the left edge to the right edge. Make the height of the rectangle about an inch longer than the measurement you took from the envelope flap and move this rectangle all the way to the top edge of the page. Fill this rectangle with the design or fill of your choice.

Slip a piece of regular inkjet paper beneath the flap of the envelope and place a piece of removable tape on the front edges of the envelope to attach it to the paper. Do not tape the flap or the taped areas will not be printed when you remove the tape! Feed the paper with the attached envelope into your printer so that the printed side will be the flap side. Print your envelope.

When you remove the tape and slip the paper out from beneath the flap, the entire envelope flap will have the printed design!

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