Custom Clock Face

A few folks have recently asked us about a template for a custom clock face. While we can't supply a template since all clocks are different sizes and shapes, we can show you how to make your own. It's not difficult!



Cardstock (we used 110 lb. index stock - but 65 lb. will work just as well.)

Clipart or scanned images (We scanned in a piece of wallpaper so our clock would match the décor!)


1) Remove the batteries from your clock and then carefully remove the face. Pull the hands off GENTLY and pay very close attention to how they are stacked on the center rod. You may want to right down the order. Also pay close attention to the way they are attached. When you pull them off, place them down on the table without flipping them or when you put them back on the clock may not work!

2) Remove the face from the clock. Measure the diameter of the face as well as the diameter of the center hole that the rod comes through.

3) Open a blank page in your graphics program and make a circle (or a square if you have a square clock) with a light grey outline and a fill color of your choice. Center it on the page.

4) Make a small circle and size it to match the measurement you took for the center hole on the face you removed from your clock. This circle will also serve to help you place the angled lines for the clock numbers. Center this on the page as well. Save the file.

5) Draw a line from the top of the clock to the bottom and set the angle at 90 degrees. Move the line to the left or right until it runs straight through the small circle in the center of your clock face. This line shows where you will place the numbers 12 and 6.

6) Draw another line, center it as above and set the angle to 30 degrees. This will be the line for numbers 10 and 4.

7) Proceed as above setting line angles as follows: 60 degrees for numbers 11 and 5, 180 degrees for 3 and 9, 120 degrees for 1 and 7, and 150 degrees for 2 and 8. Make certain that all of these lines cut straight through the small circle in the center.

8) Place you numbers on these lines, moving them in slightly toward the center of the face so that there is some distance between them and the edge of the clock face. If you leave them too close to the edge, the frame of the clock may obscure part of the numbers when you reassemble the clock.

9) If you noticed a small tab at the top of your clock face when you took your clock apart, make a small rectangle and place it on the edge of your custom clock face in the same position as the original. This is to anchor the face when it is attached to the clock.

10) Add your clipart, photos or scanned images.

11) Print a test page on plain paper, cut it out and try it out on your clock to make sure it fits and that the numbers are both visible when the frame is replaced and that the numbers line up correctly when the hands are replaced. You may find, depending on the font you used for the numbers, that you have to move them slightly to get them to line up correctly.

12) Once you are satisfied with the placement of the numbers and any art you added, print the face out on the cardstock, cut it out, punch out the small center circle and place the face onto the clock over the center rod. Reassemble the hands, pop the face back on and it's good to go!

See? We told you it was easy!


Clock Face Instructions

For a print friendly version, click on this link.

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